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Logo van V-Rock
Genre Rock
Host Lazlow [VC] [VCS]
Couzin Ed [VCS]
Locatie Vice City
GTA Vice City (Zenders)
Vice City Stories (Zenders)

V-Rock is een in Vice City gestationeerd rock-radiostation. Het radiostation speelt de nieuwste rock die er in die tijd is. Niet alle luisteraars vinden V-Rock een goede rockzender; Mitch Baker vindt dat het radiostation maar slappe muziek draait.

De zender werd oorspronkelijk, in GTA Vice City Stories, gepresenteerd door Couzin Ed, met Lazlow als co-host. Couzin Ed neemt Lazlow vaak aan het lijntje. Dit kun je onder meer merken aan de beledigende opmerkingen die Couzin Ed over Lazlow maakt, zoals "Couzin Ed is cool, Lazlow sucks. I love sluts". Ongelijk kan je Couzin Ed niet helemaal geven; Lazlow is op dat moment waarschijnlijk pas begonnen met zijn carrière, dus kan hij nogal sullig overkomen. Later, in GTA Vice City, is Couzin Ed ontslagen en presenteert Lazlow V-rock in zijn eentje. Ook Lazlow wordt uiteindelijk ontslagen bij V-Rock, zoals hij in GTA III vertelt op Chatterbox FM. Wie hem vervangt is onbekend.

GTA Vice City


Tussen de rockmuziek door heeft Lazlow ook gesprekken met diverse personen via de zogenaamde V-Phones. In deze gesprekken praat hij met onder andere Mitch Baker, Snowdog en voormalig host Couzin Ed.

Couzin Ed

Tussen She Sells Sanctuary en Bark At The Moon:

Lazlow: "Vice City's home of Rock & Roll for 75 years, let's go to the V-Lines. Hello, you're on V-Rock."
Couzin Ed: "Yo, you took my job, allright?! I gonna have a major beat with you!"
Lazlow: "Who is this?!"
Couzin Ed: "Ed, maybe you remember me? Now I'm out driving a bus? Standing on a apointment line? Get yelled at by my wife, 'cos I don't make enough money?"
Lazlow: "Look, man, this station is taking another direction. It's heading in a, like, a new direction. It happens to be a Lazlow-direction."
Couzin Ed: "It's not a new direction, it's a cheap direction! They're saving money, using you! You are cheap, lazlow! You are cheap!"
Lazlow: "Listen, this is Rock & Roll, man. It comes, and it goes. It's better to burn out, than fade away.
Couzin Ed: "So, you're calling me a burn-out, is that what you're saying?!"
Lazlow: "Well, I heard that you applied for this job with a letter written on rolling papers, come on!
Couzin Ed: "Eh, yeah, you send yours in, handwritten in calligraphy with a bouquet of flowers... That's not Rock & Roll, man! Rock & Roll's a lifestyle, you gotta live it, you gotta know it. You don't know a damn thing about music. Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock? I came up with those profound lyrics. I helped Deed. Autograph: Turn Up The Radio? You're talking about me, man. Turn up the radio, turn up Couzin Ed! What's the mascot name of Iron Maiden? You don't know? I'll give you a clue..."
Lazlow: "Listen, dude, first of all, 'Couzin Ed' is a really weak radio name. What are you, like, a redneck?"
Couzin Ed: "What do you do? Let me ask you about high-school. Did... Were you in the high-school band?"
Lazlow: "No..."
Couzin Ed: "You were in the band, weren't you?!"
Lazlow: "Yes!"
Couzin Ed: "Yeah! Well, you were learning the Stars while I was in the garage drumming the Death Leopard Stones!"
Lazlow: *zucht* "Listen: I know who the mascot of Iron Maiden is."
Couzin Ed: "Who?!"
Lazlow: "It's a puppy!"
Couzin Ed: "No, it's name's Eddy!"
Lazlow: *zucht*
Couzin Ed: "Couzin Eddy, where do you think it came from? Couzin Ed, Eddy, Iron Maiden? Put two and two together, my friend!"
Lazlow: "Listen, that was old rock. This is new rock, man. You've gotta step aside."
Couzin Ed: "New rock?! I didn't even used the play lists! You probably have a play list! I rolled mine into a big paddy and smoked it!"
Lazlow: "Listen, I'm a rock station DJ, okay? Let's get some rock served up. This is V-Rock!"


Tussen 2 Minutes To Midnight en Working For The Weekend:

Lazlow: "Be sure to stop by Complete the Look to shoplift yourself a V-Rock vulture T-shirt, they kick ass! Alright, we'll go the phones... Who's this?"
Snowdog: "Yo man, this is Snowdog!"
Lazlow: "Snowdog? What kinda name is that?"
Snowdog: "Yo, like you're the one to ask, Lazlow..."
Lazlow: "I mean, it's just kinda weird, I mean, especially since there's no snow in Vice City..? Anyway, what are you doing out there today, Snowdog?"
Snowdog: "Yo, I'm gonna wallpaper my room with black trashbags!"
Lazlow: "Black trashbacks, that's classy! Make sure you spraypaint 'V-Rock' across it, your mamma'll love that one! Here's some more non-stop 'Help me, I'm unimployed'-rock..."

Mitch Baker

Tussen Working For The Weekend en God Blessed Video:

Lazlow: "Alright... It's Lazlow, you're on V-Rock. Let's go to the V-Phones. Hello, it's you're big day, you're on live, with Lazlow."
Mitch Baker: "Hey, son, who is this?"
Lazlow: "Uh... It is Lazlow, AKA DJ-Hard-Rocker?"
Mitch Baker: "I'm glad to hear it, but I thought this was a rock station, son, and all I'm hearing is girls music. What are you doing? You got personal problems? You sort them out, son, but don't drag the rest of us down with it, you hear?"
Lazlow: "Now hold on, pall. I'm playing the best music in Vice City..."
Mitch Baker: "No, you hold on, son. This is Mitch Baker here. 'Big' Mitch Baker. You play something hard real soon, or I'll come by the station and shut that sissy-soft-rock-crack so far down your throat you'll be crapping hair bands 'till Christmas, you here?"
Lazlow: "Uh... Okay..."
Mitch Baker: "'Cause I didn't fight 'Nam and killed for this damned country, so get to hear a grown man abusing the uniform of long hair and leather with this damned, awfull wailing. I wanna rock! A good day, sir."
Lazlow: "Ah, vets are so cranky! If you don't like the music: start your own radio station. It's easy!"

GTA Vice City Stories

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