Evacuator 2: Exploder

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Evacuator 2: Exploder.

Exploder is het vervolg op de actiefilm Evacuator uit 1982. De film kwam uit in 1986, waardoor er veel reclame over te zien en te horen is in GTA Vice City. Oorlogsveteraan Tim (gespeeld door Jack Howitzer) probeert samen met zijn vriend Hoo Chi in Cambodia zijn familie te redden.


Stem: "He was a man of peace, living on a quiet farm in North Dakota, 'till one day, all Hell broke loose..."
Militair: "Tim! We need you!"
Tim: "I'm a man of peace! I'm done killing! I wanna raise a family!
Militair: "That's just it, Tim! They've got your family!"
Tim: "No!"
Stem: "Jack Howitzer is Tim, in Exploder! From the heart of America, to the jungle in Cambodia, follow one man's quest for peace!
Tim: "Hoo Chi Veh! Is that you?"
Hoo Chi: "Tim! I know you come! Just like old days! We kill everybody!"
Militair: "Tim! They've got your wife!"
Tim: "But I'm not married!"
Militair: "You are now! To America!"
Stem: "He went in to save his country, but found his family, and lost a friend." [geweerschot]
Tim: "Hoo Chi!"
Hoo Chi: "Tim! Don't leave me! You thought me baseball game and how to laugh!"
Tim: "No! He would have been a fine American! I'll cry when I'm done killing..."
Stem: "Get yourself a bodybag, strap yourself in, start making friends the American way! Exploder: Evacuator Part II! Rated PG: may include Patriotic Garbage."

Behalve voor de film wordt er ook reclame gemaakt voor een zakmes:

Man: "It's the knife that saved America. If you liked the film Exploder, you'll love this enormous, commemorative survival knife. In the handle, you find all of the things you'll need in any wilderness, disastrous situation or the jungle of your backyard! It comes complete with fishing line, needle and thread for sewing gashes back together, and an incredibly usefull, endurable toothpick!"
Hoo Chi: "Tim! Go on without me! I've got toffee stuck in tooth!"
Tim: "It's okay, Hoo Chi, try this!" [tsjak]
Man: "For those unplanned extanded stays in the jungle, there's a saw for building your own hut, toilet paper, and a fold-out-woman for company, as well as a serrated blade that can kill a man, before he can scream!"
Man #2: [tsjak, gorgel]
Tim: "That'll shut you up."
Man: "The Exploder Survival Knife! It's the knife that saved America. Now, it can save you!"
Tim: "This knife killed 25.000 people in Cambodia. Now, you can too!"
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