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Logo van Emotion 98.3
Emotion 98.3 in GTA Vice City
Waiting For A Girl Like You Foreigner
Wow Kate Bush
Tempted Squeeze
Keep On Loving You Reo Speedwagon
(I Just) Died In Your Arms Cutting Crew
More Than This Roxy Music
Africa Toto
Broken Wings Mr. Mister
Missing You John Waite
Crockett's Theme Jan Hammer
Sister Christian Night Ranger
Never Too Much Luther Vandross

I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste
A flannel for my face
Pyjamas, a hairbrush
New shoes and a case
I said to my reflection
Lets get out of this place
Past the church and the steeple
The laundry on the hill
Billboards and the buildings
Memories of it still
Keep calling and calling
But forget it all
I know I will

Tempted by the fruit of another
Tempted but the truth is discovered
Whats been going on
Now that you have gone
Theres no other
Tempted by the fruit of another
Tempted but the truth is discovered

Im at the car park, the airport
The baggage carousel
The people keep on crowding
Im wishing I was well
I said its no occasion
Its no story I could tell

At my bedside empty pocket
A foot without a sock
Your body gets much closer
I fumble for the clock
Alarmed by the seduction
I wish that it would stop

I bought a novel, some perfume
A fortune all for you
But its not my conscience
That hates to be untrue
I asked of my reflection
Tell me what is there to do

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