Salivax reclame

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Vrouw: “Do you have dry mouth?”

Jongen: “I sored to...”

Vrouw: “It protects your teeth, fights infection and lubricates your food. But what happends when you run out of saliva?”

Jongen: “Help me: I can’t talk!”

Vrouw: “For personal dryness upstairs: It’s Salivax!”

Jongen: “Wow! I can spit again!”

Vrouw: “Salivex is more than saliva in a can. Salivax improves consumption efficiency bij 50%! No more half-way cures like coating you’re throat with cooking oil to have that extra piece of cake or bowl of kitty-litter.”

Vrouw #2: “After a night out my tongue tasted like carpet. It was embarresing. Now, with Salivax, I can eat a whole box of crackers, or lick my life partners...

Man: “...Stamp collection...”

Vrouw #2: “...All night!

Man #2: “It’s like having a salivation army in my mouth. Now I can suck a...”

Man #3: “...lollipop...”

Man #2: “ long as I want!”

Vrouw: “Salivax tastes like you’re own saliva. That’s because at Salivax’ State of the Art Production Facility, we use salivation philantropists, who make salivax all day! Salivax. When it comes to personal dryness upstairs, we’re deadly serious!”

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