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Nieuwslezeres: "Residents in Cedar Grove have been coming to terms with the emotional aftermath of an full blown war that hit the area yesterday. Local resident Clive Denvart described the police a single gunman that he saw fleeing the scène with a dark haired woman."

Maria: "...such fun, 'cause you know, you know, I love you, I-I-I really do, 'cause you're such a big strong man, and that's just what I need... Anyway, what was I saying? Eh, I forget, but you know what it's like, don't you?"

Nieuwslezeres: "The sound of explosions shook nearby homes as people ran for cover. Several citizens were injured in the panic as gunfire was exchanged between ground forces and a helicopter circling the dam.

Getuige: "Yeah, we got a good view from down here in the Gardens. When the copter finally got taken out, better than the fireworks on the Fourth of July..."

Nieuwslezeres: With the deathtoll already over twenty, police are still finding bodies. There've been no official denials concerning rumours that the dead were members of the Colombian Cartel, and still no leads as to the cause of the masacre."

Maria: "I broke a nail and my hair is ruined! I mean, can you believe it?! This one cost me fifty dol..." *Pistoolschot*


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