Missieoverzicht (GTA Liberty City Stories)

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Home Sweet Home
Vincenzo Cilli
Dealing Revenge
Smash and Grab Joseph Daniel O'Toole
Bone Voyeur!
Hot Wheels Ma Cipriani
Snappy Dresser
Don in 60 Seconds
Big Rumble in Little China A Volatile Situation Salvatore Leone
The Offer
Grease Sucho Blow up 'Dolls' Ho Selecta!
Dead Meat Salvatore's Salvation Frighteners Maria Latore
Shop 'til you Strop
No Son of Mine The Guns of Leone Rollercoaster Ride Taken for a Ride
Calm Before the Storm Contra-Banned Booby Prize
The Made Man Sindacco Sabotage Biker Heat
The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade The Trouble with Triads Overdose of Trouble
Driving Mr Leone
Staunton Island bereikbaar
A Walk in the Park
Making Toni
Donald Love
The Morgue Party Candidate
Steering the Vote Caught in the Act Ned Burner
L.C. Confidential
Cam-Pain Leon McAffrey
Sayonara Sindaccos
The Passion of the Heist
Friggin' the Riggin' The Whole 9 Yardies
Crazy '69'
False Idols
Night of the Livid Dreads
Love & Bullets Munitions Dump
Counterfeit Count Search and Rescue
Love on the Rocks Taking the Peace
Shoreside Vale bereikbaar Shoot the Messenger
Rough Justice
Dead Reckoning
Panlantic Land Grab Shogun Showdown
Stop the Press Toshiko Kasen
More Deadly than the Male
The Shoreside Redemption
Morgue Party Resurrection Cash Clash
No Money, Mo' Problems A Date with Death
Cash in Kazuki's Chips
Bringing the House Down
Love on the Run
The Sicilian Gambit

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