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Nadat je het bedrijf Kaufman Cabs gekocht hebt, krijgen de Kaufman Cabs hun eigen radiozender. Op deze zender hoor je komische gesprekken tussen Dolores en de taxi-chauffeurs.

Dolores "Tommy, a mister Rosenberg called for you. Said it was urgent. He sounded drunk or something."
Dolores "Can somebody get to the beach? There’s some tourists to rip off!"
Dolores "This is Control..."
Taxi "What is it now?!"
Dolores "Your wife called again: she’s moving in with your brother."
Dolores "Tommy, we’ve got a couple defections with VC Cabs, you better stay out there!"
Dolores "9, the police are here for you..."
Dolores "I got a pickup near Prawn Island"
Taxi "Hmmm, I smell something fishy... Get it, Dolores? ‘Fishy’! Heh heh heh heh heh!"
Dolores "This is Control to 10..."
Taxi 10 "Yeah?"
Dolores "You’re sacked, you sick bastard! Don’t show your face around here again!"
Dolores "There’s some kind of demonstration going on in Little Haiti. If you can get there, you can make a killing!"
Dolores "Target 1, you still out there? Mrs. Parkins wants a ride to the beach."
Taxi 1 "You can tell Mrs. Parkins to go eat shit!"
Dolores "Stop jerking around and do some work. We’ve got bills to pay! There’s a crappy drunk outside the Malibu. Go rip ‘m off!"
Dolores "Take out those VC-bastards, boys!"
Taxi "What are you, nuts?!"
Dolores "Do it for me..?"
Taxi "Allright, sweethart!"
Dolores "Make some money!"
Taxi "Allright, heard that."
Dolores "Triple the fares!"
Taxi: "You gotta be kidding me!"
Dolores "You just caused trouble!"
Dolores "Tommy, a girl called Mercedes rang, asking to be picked up in Vice Point."
Dolores "I’ve got a fat bitch, needs driving near the golf course..."
Taxi "Yeah, I want it! Gimme the whale!"
Dolores "Tommy, a mister Phil Cassidy just called, offering a cheap alternative to gasoline."
Dolores "Calling all cars: a young man is here, demanding his pants back..."
Dolores "Hurry up, all of you! We’ve got tourists to rip off!"
Dolores "Are you all making money out there?"
Taxi "Yes, Dolores, yeah!"
Dolores "Do some work, you lazy bastards!"
Taxi "Dolores, could you please call in the cops? The guy just tried to side-swipe me!"
Dolores "What do you think this is..? The Gentlemanry Sport of Taxi Driving? Kill him! Kill him!"
Dolores "Calling all cars..."
Taxi "Nah, I’m completely filled up..."
Dolores "Come on! There’s row-work Downtown! Make sure you’re stocking them!"
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