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Grand Theft Auto of Joyride van Da Shootaz (Gezongen door Robert De Negro) is een bekend Rock/rap nummer uit de Grand Theft Auto-serie. Het nummer komt oorspronkelijk uit de eerste Grand Theft Auto, maar het nummer is ook te horen op LIPS 106 in GTA III en heel even op Lithium Radio in GTA2. In GTA III is het nummer gecensureerd: Het woord 'fuck' is vervangen met de naam van het radiostation. Wellicht is dit gedaan om de waardering van GTA III tegemoet te komen: GTA San Andreas is de eerste GTA waar het woord 'fuck' expliciet gebruikt wordt.


Slow down!

Hotel, downtown, speeding all around,
an AK-47 got the power in its rounds
to move any mother that gets in the way.
Just another power machine on the freeway.

Riding with me is my MC homeboy,
knowing the the rules ain't part of his program.
Finding the right way around this map
might be pretty hard 'cause he's fucked on crack.

G: Grand Theft Auto
You gotta make a mark to move where you want to.

T: Theft
Determination to steal what you can and run from the nation.

A: Hey, whatta you say?
We automate the sequence and speed for my getaway
ticket to the edge is nowhere to hide,
and call up the boys: Let's go for a joyride.

Let's go for a joyride.

"Stop the violence from the police."
You know my dad used to say, but now he's deceased.
He got caught in a jam, threw in the can
when the cops from Brooklyn said he killed another man.
Seek knowledge was my main game,
to figure out the law, to figure out the frame.
Just when I thought I knew justice,
a cop behind me said "You've just been busted."


Don't fuck with me!

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