Bored of You

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Channel X
Channel X in GTA V
Bored of You Agent Orange
My War Black Flag
Rock House Circle Jerks
The Mouth Don't Stop (The Trouble With Women Is) Fear
What’s Next? OFF!
Amoeba The Adolecents
Pervert The Descendents
Lexicon Devil The Germs
Life of Crime The Weirdos
Abolish Government/Silent Majority T.S.O.L.
Blown Away Youth Brigade
Subliminal Suicidal Tendencies

I'm sick of colored hair
Don't care about what you wear
I hate the things I see
Don't care about anarchy

I'm sick of boring bands
Rock stars and all their fans
The new wave overtones
And all the leather jacket clones

I'm so bored of you
(And you)

I'm sick of pins and chains
Hard drugs and dizzy brains
I'm sick of cheap romance
People who never dance

I'm sick of all the punks
The poseurs and the punks
The stupid things they've done
I'm getting sick of everyone

I'm so bored of you

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