Lexicon Devil

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I'm a lexicon devil with a
battered brain
And I'm searchin' for a future
the world's my aim
So gimme gimme your hands
Gimme gimme your minds
Gimme gimme your hands
Gimme gimme your minds
Gimme gimme this
Gimme gimme tha-yea-yea-t

I want toy tin soldiers that can
push and shove
I want gunboy rovers that'll
wreck this club
I'll build you up and level your heads
We'll run it my way cold men
and politics dead


I'll get silver guns to drip old blood
Let's give this established
joke a shove
We're gonna wreak havoc
on the rancid mill
I'm searchin' for something
even if I'm killed


Empty out your pockets
you don't need their change
I'm giving you the power
to rearrange
Together we'll run to the
highest prop
Tear it down and let it drop


That's it

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