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Wanneer je in een Fire Truck, Ambulance of politievoertuig stapt, hoor je op de radio de gesprekken tussen het VCPD hoofdbureau en de agenten. Wanneer je goed luistert zul je merken dat veel van de gesprekken behoorlijk humoristisch zijn.

VCPD "This is Radio Control. We’ve got problems downtown. Backup request, over."
Wagen 4764 "This is 4764: I got contact."
Wagen VCPD "This is Radio Control. We got an incident in Little Haiti. All services requested, over."
Wagen 4047 "This is 4047: Nothing going on."
Agent "We got a request... We got a request for backup. We’ve got a gangwar between Haitians and Cubans. Car 1 and 2: Go down there and sort it out. Cars 1 and 2."
VCPD "We’ve got an emergency situation on Ocean Beach. All services requested."
Agent "I checked it out. No big deal; Just a couple of idiots with a case of GiggleCream. I gave them a little beating. Nothing to serious."
VCPD "All services attended imediately, over."
Agent "All services."
Agent "I need a SWAT-team fast!"
Agent "What’s the deal with these SWAT-guys?! How much does these guys make? Give them real fast cars!"
VCPD "This is a repeat call for cars in the DownTown area to attend service."
VCPD "This is a notice from the chief: All the promotions have been cancelled. Have a great day, over."
VCPD "We’ve got an incident at the mall. Backup requested. Backup requested."
VCPD "We’ve got a storming wiseguy, driving inadequate."
VCPD "We’ve got problems in the Ocean Beach area"
Agent Miller "This is Miller. I’ll take care of it."
VCPD "We have a stolen squad car."
VCPD "Al PWs have been cancelled, over."
VCPD "This is from the captain. To the person responsable for the messing up the kantine: Please make yourself known."
VCPD "This is from the captain. Who-ever stole his personal magazines had better make themselfes known. It is for report purposes only."
Agent "Anybody got any jokes? I’m bored already!"
VCPD "This is from the captain. He really needs his magazines back!"
Agent "Hey, Jackson! Tell the captain I saw his wife. No wonder he likes those magazines!"
VCPD "We got a stolen car robbery in progress, over."
Wagen 5793 "This is 5793: I’m in the area. I’ll take a look."
Agent Jones "Backup request! Backup request! Imediately, over!
Agent Miller "Got a problem, Jones? Why don’t you try fighting crime and get away from that microphone, you dumb asshole!"
Agent Jones "You’re an asshole, Miller!"
Agent "We got serious problems here! We need fire DP and two ambulances and SWAT team right now, come on!"
Agent "I got a man down! I got a man down!"
VCPD "Nothing seems to be happening."
VCPD "Some maniac keeps stealing ambulances. Keep a look-out, over.
VCPD "Is there an officer near the Rusty Brown Downtown? There must be!"
Agent "Is any one here free?"
VCPD "We’ve got a suspect arson bagged in Little Haiti. All services requested"
Agent "We’ve got real problems on the beach."
VCPD "This is from the captain. Pile it up: We need more arrests! Just bag any one!"
Agent "I’m on it!"
VCPD "We got a request for backup. We’ve got gang problems between Haitians and Cubans. Two cars go investigate, over."
Agent "We got a problem at Starfish Island. Backup requested."
VCPD "We got big problems at Prawn Island. Why don’t you control it or something?"
Agent "Me and Miles are checking it up."
VCPD "We’ve got a breakdancer with a broken back. Somewhere in Downtown. More info requested, over."
Agent "Somewhere in Downtown. More info requested, over."
Agent "We’ve got a fat woman stuck in an elevator and I’m checking it out."
Agent "She was an escort. You ain’t never had a real girl in your life!"
Agent "She was my girlfriend, pal, I didn’t have to pay for it!"
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