Thor's Norse Power Program reclame

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Man: “For thousands of years, Americans have looked for awnsers to life’s difficult questions. Now, millions of people just like you are finding awnsers and taking charge of their lifes. Through the original pattented and proven programm of Walhalla’s finest deity: Thor.”

Thor: “Treasure awaits you! But beware of your women, folks, treachery is deep within her! By the coming of the spring, she shall be no more!”

Vrouw: “Thor changed my life!”

Man: “Author of two best selling self-help books, translated of the original runic into 25 languages, Thor has helped millions realise their dreams.”

Thor: “Beware the traps of the Frost Giant. Carry your magic hammer.”

Man: “Available on record or casette, the personal Norse power programm looks to the myths of the Vikings for awnsers.”

Vrouw #2: “Can you give my husband and I some of the Vikings help to keep things hot in the bedroom?”

Thor: “Take a longboat, and twenty of your finest men. Head to where the sun sets. There, you will find a village. Pillage, plunder and burn all that you find.”

Man: “And if you order now, you’ll receive Thor’s subliminal tape series, so you gain wisdom of the gods, while sleeping!”

Man #2: “Accept the cristal cup. At the feast, you wear the dwarve”

Man: “Thor’s Personal Norse Power Programm. Call now! 866-PILLAGE. That’s 866-PILLAGE.”

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