Rebel Radio

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Logo van KING 130.7

Rebel Radio

KING 130.7
Rebel Radio
Genre Country en rock
Host Marshall Nash [II]
Jesco White [V]
Locatie Residential District
Los Santos
GTA2 (Zenders)
GTA V (Zenders)

In GTA2 wordt deze zender merkwaardig genoeg met zowel Rebel Radio als KING 130.7 aangeduid. Op de zender zelf wordt voornamelijk van Rebel Radio gesproken, maar ergens halverwege wordt de naam KING genoemd. Bovendien staat op het logo van de zender ook 'KING 130.7'. De zender wordt uitgezonden vanuit het RV Mobile Trailer Park, en is dan ook erg in trek bij de Rednecks.

In GTA V wordt de zender gehost door Jesco White. De focus blijft, net als in GTA 2, op country- en rockmuziek liggen.


  • Bulamatari -- Taxi Drivers
  • Testing -- My Tiny World
  • Stikki Fingerz -- Holdin' it Out for You
  • Sterlin -- Standing on my Own


Marshall Nash: "So you all keep listening, you understand? I've just had a call from Joline over at the trailer park there and she's looking for some company tonight, you know what I mean..."
Slogan: "Marshall Nash, on Rebel Radio. Music for honking and doing the slash. Music for rash, it's Marshall Nash!"
CocoFiz reclame
Man: "Hello ma'am, how can I help you today?"
Kind: "Mammy, mammy, can I have a CocoFiz?"
Moeder: "No, you can not! Those drinks will rot your teeth."
Vrouw: "Not anymore with Zaibatsu SeremaTeeth. Now the whole family can enjoy CocoFiz."
Kind: "Mam! Can I have another CocoFiz?!"
Moeder: "Whatever..."
Vrouw: "In association with Zaibatsu SeremaTeeth, your family can enjoy the worlds favourite softdrink CocoFiz!"
Marshall Nash: "We've got some hot news coming in. This weekend we've got three escaped conbitches, all in good shape, for sport hunting! One disabled, but one is armed, just right for those one-on-one-addicts out there! His name is Jessy, he's got a broken leg, so be a sport and leave him for the younger ones, would you?"
Slogan: "Honking and shooting and drinking for fun, Marshall Nash is rebel number one!"
Muziek Taxi Drivers - Bulamatari
Slogan: "You all know he only does it for the cash, what the hell. Tune in to Marshall Nash.
Muziek: My Tiny World - Testing
Marshall Nash: "Marshall Nash, here at KING. You're listening to the Hank Williams beside ours. Guaranteed to come from jukeboxes from Texas, Cansas, Bojar City, son! No hiphop from Marshall Nash, no hiphop from Marshall Nash, this is the bunnyrabbit. Dance to this, you all!"
Muziek: Holdin' it Out for You - Stikki Fingerz
Marshall Nash: "Hey, there's one pretty little pick-em-up driving down these streets. I see her down by the Mall, it must have 250 horse power under that bonny, no regular old stick-shift is shugged into the floor. Hey, if you're the lucky owner, you come call Marshall Nash and have yourself some beany, we keep it out for the good old boys, like you! Now this:"
Creddex Gold reclame:
Man: "Traveling the world, you need a credit card with distinction."
Vrouw: Madame et monsieur, place your bags, please."
Man: When you end in a tight spot..."
Vrouw: "Bonjour!"
Man: " need a creditcard that can squeeze you out!"
Vrouw: "Oh, monsieur!"
Man: "For all this, and more, I choose Creddex Gold!"
Man: "Creddex Gold; The premier choise of louche lizards and game-developers around the world."
Slogan: "Rebel Radio is only run by the families of the American Civil War Veterans. Marshall Nash, out the hell! You'll crack the petune, when rebel plays your tune!"
Marshall Nash: "Out there at country track is a personal favourite of my good old ladyfriend Hos. That's how I call here, I call her Hos. You out there, Hos? Okay, stick with Marshall Nash, here I got to put some batteries in my 8-track player, so you can here the most recent stuff I got. While I'm doing that, put your ear next to the speaker and listen to this old forty-five. Scratches and all, I'm everyone I made him."
Slogan: "Rebel Radio: A proud and patriotic contributioner to the National Rival Association."
Muziek: Standing on my Own - Sterlin
Slogan: "Forget the trash, listen to Marshall Nash!"
Marshall Nash: "You're listening to Rebel Radio, the road is ours, boys!"


Opmerking: Nummers met een ☆-symbool zijn enkel aanwezig in de PlayStation 4, Xbox One en PC versie van GTA V.

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