Petstuffers reclame

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Man: “Oh, Max, we go everywhere together. Right, boy?”

Vrouw: “At Petstuffers, we know there’s nothing like the relationship between a man and his dog. Sometimes, you just can’t let go.

Man: “Max? You didn’t eat your food! That’s the second week in a row! Max?”

Vrouw: “When the unspeakable happens, just put your four-legged friend in the refridgerator or freezer. Then call Petstuffers. We’ll be there within a week to pick him up and in less than a month, he’ll be back as good as new. Through an ancient Egyptian neurocal process called ‘taxidormy”, you and your best friend will always be together.”

Man: “Yeah, that’s a good dog!”

Vrouw: “Petstuffers, when you just can’t let go. And coming soon: Grandparents Forever!”

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