Musty Pines reclame

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Vrouw: “Are you getting tired of your couches getting ruined?”

Man: “Oh, grandpa!”

Opa: “Hey, it tickles again!”

Vrouw: “If you got old people cluttering up your home, why not send them to Musty Ponds? We’ll help bring back dignity, and we’ll promise: It will be their best three months of their lifes! They’ll enjoy bingo, complaining, mumbling incoherently, skinny dipping and organ donation. And, once a month, it’s our famous lucky dip medication switching knife. Musty Ponds is located at a luxurious location overlooking Vice City’s state of the art Sanitation Facilities. You can still visit your old people, but now, you have the comfort of knowing you don’t have to. After they pass on to something better, guaranteed in three months or less, you can start enjoying their money! Finaly, you can have quality family time again. Musty Ponds. Now, you don’t have to say goodbye! Drive-trough service also available.”

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