Juppy and the Alien reclame

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Man: “This fall... A new hard hitting police drama is coming to fridaynight. He was a well-to-do cop, transferred to a troubeled division downtown. His new partner is this space-traveler with a passion for juistice. It, Juppy and the alien.

Captain: “Look, you might vaporise suspects on Alpha Centouri, but in this division, we do it by the book.”

Juppy: “I am so terribly sorry, captain.”

It: “Ah... Gug, I’m sorry...”

Man: “Don’t miss this one of a kind police drama. They’re fighting crime the hard way. In designer clothes, with a quarter of a million dollar sportscar and a UFO.”

Juppy: “Partner, let’s go cruizing the car and look moody.”

Man: “One though downtown division. Two outsiders, doing things their way. Juppy and the alien, on VBC.”

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