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Logo van Head Radio in GTA III en GTA Liberty City Stories
Head Radio
Genre Modern Pop & Rock
Host Phanny Joe Style
Johnny Riccaro
Micheal Hunt
Locatie Liberty City
Vice City
San Andreas (stad)
Anywhere, USA
Grand Theft Auto (Zenders)
GTA2 (Zenders)
GTA III (Zenders)
Liberty City Stories (Zenders)

Head Radio komt van alle radiozenders in de meeste GTA's voor. De radiozender is namelijk in Grand Theft Auto, GTA2, GTA III en GTA Liberty City Stories te beluisteren. Head Radio draait voornamelijk pop/rock muziek. Op 7 december 2011 kwamen alle zeven muzieknummers die in GTA III op Head Radio te horen zijn beschikbaar op iTunes.

Grand Theft Auto

In Grand Theft Auto is de zender te horen in Liberty City, San Andreas en Vice City.

  • Reality Bubble (Craig Conner) -- Days Like These
  • Meme Traders (Grant Middleton) -- Automatic Transmission
  • Ohjaamo (Craig Conner) -- Complications


In GTA2 is Head Radio in alle districten van Anywhere, USA te horen.

  • Apostles of Funk -- Yellow Butter
  • Pussy Willows -- Real Love
  • Davidson -- All I Wanna Do
  • The One -- Southpark
  • Bulamatari -- Taxi Drivers
  • Flytronics -- Pendulum
  • Anna -- Do It on Your Own
  • Testing -- My Tiny World

Grand Theft Auto III

  • Dil-Don't -- Stripe Summer
  • Whatever -- Good Thing
  • Craig Gray -- Fade Away
  • Conor and Jay -- Change
  • Frankie Fame -- See Trough You
  • Scatwerk -- Electronic Go Go
  • Dezma -- Life Is But a Mere Supply

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Conor & Jay -- Train
  • Cloud Nineteen -- The One for Me
  • Purser -- Take the Pain
  • L-Marie featuring Raff -- Free Yourself
  • 15 Ways -- Drive
  • Rosco Stow -- Welcome to the Real World
  • Vanilla Smoothie -- Keep Dreaming

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