Amerikaanse propaganda reclame

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Man: “What makes a real American? A cowboyhat? Enjoying a fine T-bone steak? Going to a baseball game? Shooting a gun? Maybe it’s the freedom to go into a poor country and tell them how to do things! Heh! Those are all great qualities! But one thing that makes a true patriot, is the ability to chose an American car. When you buy an import, you take a hot meal of a hardworking American’s table! *Huilend meisje* There, there! This poor girl is going to starve to death, just because you bought a cheap, and more efficient Maibatsu. Without growth symbols of excess, what will Americans have to look up to? Our great industry is a threatened! Cars, pornography, tournaments! And they need your help! So the next time you buy a car, a piece of old furniture, or a misile-defence-system, make sure you do the American thing!”

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